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Kitty's Mission Statement

Kitty’s Karats’ brand mission is to offer vintage and personally designed solid gold jewelry to an international community of ethically conscious jewelry clients. This small business also aims to bring awareness to this clientele about the harmful effects of plated jewelry as well as the many benefits of owning solid gold.


Gold plated jewelry has numerous negative long-term impacts to our planet. Producing plated jewelry uses harmful chemicals, items deteriorate quickly, and the end product is not recyclable. Similar to the idea of reusable water bottles, my goal is to decrease waste and lessen negative impacts on the world. Solid gold jewelry will last multiple lifetimes and can be passed down as family heirlooms.


Using my platform, I am able to educate about the importance of owning solid gold jewelry. By offering unique pieces at a range of prices, solid gold can be affordable for many. Additionally, as the value of gold has continued to rise, it is easy to see why buying gold is a safe and smart investment for the future.

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