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CLEAN Fragrance, Candles and Other Misc. Recommendations

CLEAN Fragrance, Detergent, Candles

DED Cool BENEFICIAL ORGANIC EXTRACTS THAT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Non-toxic fragrance, detergent, massage candles, and car air fresheners! Taunt is my fav scent and it is so sexy. Taunt smells like amber, bergamot, vanilla and fresh dew. The best part is that you can layer other DedCool fragrances with each other to create your own perfect scent! They have sample tins that contain their collections to test out. I bought the tins, made it to two samples and they are all I wear. I already purchased the full size options! I am scared to test the rest because I know I will NEED them ALL. The sample sizes are perfect for refilling and putting in your purse on the go!

  • DedCool fragrances are certified Vegan, Cruelty Free & Non-Toxic. All of their fragrances are clean and all of the harmful factors in major synthetic fragrances like petroleum and carcinogens are not in their fragrances.

Car Air Freshener Diffuser - I like to spray my DedCool fragrance into this little round felt that goes into a metal which then sticks into your car's air vent. It makes my car smell just like me! I love that this transforms any fragrance or essential oil into a car air freshener! This is a great sustainable alternative to regular car air fresheners. The little round pads are washable and reusable! 

JIA Home Co Candles - Indulge in a clean burn. Crafting home fragrances depicting nostalgic memories close to Asian roots. Hand poured all-natural soy candles, made in California. Sourcing US made and eco-friendly materials, from fragrances free of phthalates, carcinogens, and toxins, down to the core of the lead and zinc free cotton wicks. Delivering quality products with sustainable packaging! I love Tea Talk and Bunny White scents! I am excited to try more.



Exfoliating Mitt - The best body exfoliator. This mitt WILL change your life. It is also made of natural fibers. Sustainable, safe, and natural. WIN! Just don't scrub too hard. Your skin will be transformed after regular use. This is especially useful if you get ingrown hairs on your body or if you have keratosis pilaris. I use this on my legs because my hair are so fine that they have a hard time breaking through the skin after shaving, so this helps exfoliate to get rid of the ingrown bumps. My partner uses this on his arms for keratosis pilaris and it is a game changer!

HOT TOOLS Wand - The Hot Tool I use to get my beachy waves is 1.5 inches diameter. This wand is what I use to curl my hair. I wrap each section for 5-8 seconds on the highest heat setting. This will be different for you based on your hair density and health.

Eye and Body Gems - The iridescent eye gems I use to create Euphoria based looks! These gems come in iridescent, pearl, and other pastel colors. They already have an adhesive on the flat back of each gem. They are so easy to use! You just need tweezers and a steady hand!

Black Fabric Dye - Are your black jeans and shirts now faded to grey? This dye is easy to use and will renew your items to their dark black original look! 

At-Home Pilates Kit - This is a really great basic kit to start your at-home pilates routine. Pilates is the only workout class I really enjoy. I think my favorite part of it is that you can do most of it while lying on your back! LOL

Pilates Socks - These are my favorite pilates socks. These socks are MANDATORY in a pilates class on a reformer. They have a grip on the bottom to prevent you from slipping.

Organic Whitening Toothpaste with added B12 Vitamin -  I love this toothpaste because it is organic and also contains vitamin B-12. It does not have a super intense mint flavor, which I personally love. This checks all the boxes for me! 

Scent Free Glasses Cleaner - It is also alcohol and ammonia free. This is my favorite glasses cleaner. I use it for both my eyeglasses and sunglasses. They conveniently come with a cloth as well!

Sparkle Pens - These glittery pens are addicting to draw with. I absolutely love doodling with them. They really make me happy! You will not be disappointed with the glitter and intense pigment of each pen. Life is all about the little things right? :)


*ALL of these are my genuine recommendations to products that I LOVE! SOME of the links do give me commission. So happy to share them with y'all! Thank you!*

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